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Milano (Italy) – July 2016

in collaboration with Martina Granello


campaign and shoes collections on www.voltafootwear.com



  pre production

The visuals in this project have been constructed for Volta Footwear’s 2016 summer sales campaign.

The idea was to have the photographs focus on the product alone, creating images that would attract people’s attention and underline the price reduction.

The visuals are displayed in a still–life logic and the different groups of photographs suggest the product combinations being offered at an advantageous price. A single shoe is at the centre of the image. Indeed the image is repeated a number of times thanks to a kaleidoscope effect that gives a different version of the product in every reflection.

The image is based on a colored backdrop on which we built an angular set using two square mirrors. The shoe at the centre of the composition is reflected n–fold on the walls of the set. The width of the x angle between the two mirrors directly affects the number of times the image is repeated: n = 360°/ x°.


I started the production phase by creating a small set composed of a flat surface divided into two parts. The set was provided with two backdrops, each in a full intense color. It was also given an angular structure thanks to two mirrors, placed side by side.

The main aim of the lighting set was to shrink the shadows as much as possible to give the surfaces and the colours a digital look. The effect was obtained by using two monolights attached to softboxes that helped to diffuse the light.

The flat surface, the mirrors and the shooting position were perfected to emphasise the geometric structures, and also to suggest an amodal, two–dimensional coming together of the real shapes and the “fictional” ones reflected in the mirrors. I chose to use a medium wide–angle focal lens to emphasise the merging vertical perspective of the parallel lines that link the different levels.

The production phase gave us a number of shots taken from the same position and with the same settings. Instead, the position, layout and orientation of the shoes was changed from shot to shot, as was the width between the two mirrors.

  post production

During the digital post production process, we focused mainly on the colors of the backdrops.

The main objective was to offer four types of image (one for each week of summer sales) distinguished by unique chromatic combinations. The main obstacles we encountered were the need to preserve the authentic colours of the product and create animated GIFs from static images.


I optimised the pictures I’d been working on during the post production phase, concentrating on the aspect–ratio, resolution, format and weight in order to apply each time the tag–lines.

Finally I evaluated what was the best way to export the pictures in relation to the different online destinations they would appear on.