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  pre production

The “Progetto Zest” website presents the artistic production of Marco Loffredo, whose works are a marrying of reclaimed industrial wood with chromatic color harmony.

The photographs, intended to convey the brand essence, are the result of a careful research and planning session: they include caption–like still lifes, still life compositions, making of stories, and close–ups of textural details.


Still life on a neutral background was the technique chosen to present Loffredo’s work on the website, as it gives exactly the right emphasis to the material and color used, which are the essence of its identity.

The sharp geometry of the chromatic panels is accentuated by the choice of a an angular set: the work stands tilted in a corner, but it is photographed perpendicularly, and the directional light sources, emitting only slightly diffuse light, contribute to the effect.

Three different shots are shown: a full view, a 45° angle shot to bring out the stratification, and a close–up perpendicular shot to show the materiality of the support and the paint.

New works being released are presented positioned alongside a prop of the same color, in a still life dialectic relationship. The backdrop recalls the key colors, thus producing a monochrome scene.

The making of story and the shots of compositions of rough objects of industrial origin are deliberately taken without artificial lighting, to suggest spontaneity and encourage sharing on social networks.

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  post production

With the still life images in particular, the intention was to isolate the subject, setting it against an unobtrusive backdrop. Some overexposure and desaturation was used on the backdrop in the post production stage, thus dampening the sharper contrasts.

In the post production of all the still life works, special attention was paid to color schemes, using the RAL color system.


The still life works first appear on the homepage and also, because they have a greater emotional impact on the observer, as previews of posts announcing the release of a new work.

A common feature of all the photographs, both on the website and on social networks, is their aspect ratio. The 1:2 format, long and narrow, recalls the long and narrow shape of the panels (pale cromatiche) themselves, and gives dynamicity to the image.

The more caption–like shots are suitable for the online catalogue of the collection, which also gives the product details of each work shown.