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Bonifacio (Corse, France) – April 2016



  pre production

The idea behind this project is to depict a town as if was a studio set. It’s an empty aseptic town, completely deprived of any human trace and this makes it look cut off from its space–time context. It was an utter play of shapes and colors.

I have often crossed many famous seaside locations off–season, no tourists crowding the streets like in summer. Only locals wonder in these streets outside the summer period. The town seems to go back to its original and most intimate features. The people behave in a genuine manner within the town, so different from how tourists interact with it.


When I travelled to Corsica, I already had a clear concept regarding this project and the weather conditions were just right because they underlined the surreal atmosphere.


These shots of Bonifacio date back to April. I was greeted in the early morning by a faint but constant drizzle. The weekend and an overcast sky had prompted most of the locals to stay indoors so the town looked uninhabited.

Although the subjects are all quite different, the images were all taken using the same lens. A 35 mm lens simulates a human–eye point of view and it projects the observer within the scene.

  post production

I decided that the post production phase should have emphasized the emptiness and suspense that the images already conveyed. A general overexposure suggests that the observer should consider the space as if it was a neutral field of action. It looks like it should be the stage of some kind of action or performance which is missing.

The eye is forced to move across the framing without being able to focus on any element in particular; then the observer linger on some details that have been treated to high contrast: the building windows (dark and saturated), the roof patterns, the agave leaves, the still waves…

The emotions I’ve tried to convey cannot be perceived by looking at each shot alone, this collection was made homogenous by means of the post production phase.


I decided that a moodboard–like arrangement would have been the most suitable for this project. The composition of images put side by side looks like a homogenous color palette.

The large format makes it possible to interpret the composition in two ways: on the one hand the arrangement can be appreciated from a distance so that all the shots merge together to convey the atmosphere; on the other hand it can be looked at close up and the observer may notice all the details.